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Professional Diving Services

for Super Yachts

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YachtDiver® EU - Professiona SCUBA Diving Services for SuperYachts
ANDI SDI-TDI DDI DAN Europe Constanta Romania
PADI diving courses
Emergency First Response courses
DAN training
ANDI International ANDI Europe

Yacht Diver - Sport SCUBA package:

from your Rec level to: Deep Diver + Wreck Diver + Self Reliant Diver + Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver + Emergency First Response


Yacht Diver - Technical SCUBA package:

from your Rec level to: ANDI SafeAir Diver L1 +  Complete SafeAir Diver L2 & Technical SafeAir Diver L3 + Emergency First Response

DAN Basic Life Support
DAN First Aid
DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
DAN Oxygen Provider for SCUBA diving Injuries

Yacht Diver - SCUBA SuperYacht packages:

Based on my extensive experience in the super-yachting and technical/sport diving sector, below are the few packages I am offering to your crew in order to meet & exceed your Owner & Guests expectation in diving Safety & Quality:

The package is desig to enhance the diver's skills and awareness to a higher level.

Mastering the basic training, the diver will be able to conduct a safer deep dives, basic wreck penetration dives, dives with an increased safety margins by planning and using the proper gases & gear as well as

first aid in case of necessity.

The diver's skills, attitude, gear & training are rised to the level were "DIR - Do It Right" will be present in his daily diving activities. The diver's vision of safey will start a new road and a new life!

The first aid courses will cover a wider range of skills making the diver a great asset on board!

HBOT training may be provided upon request!


Yacht DiverSCUBA packages are designed by OmnisMares® - T101®

owned by SC OmnisMares SRL

Yacht Diver Technical SCUBA
Yacht Diver Recreational SCUBA

ANY training package can be tailored for your needs!

We are offering also custom SCUBA training for Special Forces Ops & Public Safety Teams.

Confidentiality is guarantee!

Yacht Diver - Expedition SCUBA package:

ANDI Technical TriMix L3 (to L5) + ANDI SafeAir Wreck Diver L1 (to L3)+

DAN Europe Basic Life Support & First Aid + Automatic External Defibrilator + Oxygen First Aid for SCUBA injuries + First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries + NEURO

Emergency First Response courses
ANDI International

Tec does not mean necessarily deep or overhead environment. Tec means safety above everything else.

"Tek a Rec®" is a program created to enlighten the divers about the benefits of technical diving philosophy in any kind of sport diving.


Yacht Diver - Instructor level SCUBA package:

Either for PADI Divemaster / PADI Assistant Instructor or ANDI Divemaster - ANDI Instructor (Sport, Normoxic Trimix L3), your career path can be customized for maximum efficienty and quality!

DAN Neuro